What services do you offer?2020-12-21T17:28:50-06:00

At the Veranda, we will coordinate your venue rental/layout and catering menu, as well as recommend vendors to handle décor, music, staging, flowers, activities, and anything else your dream event requires.

How do I set up a tour or consultation?2020-12-21T17:28:50-06:00

Contact us at 210.366.1220 or sales@theVerandaSA.com. We can’t wait to meet you!

What happens when I set up a consultation?2020-12-21T17:28:50-06:00

First: We listen … Our professional planners will get a good understanding of your upcoming plans, your style, your guests, your food likes and dislikes, your goals for the event, and more.

Next: We propose … Usually within a few days we will have a detailed menu and event budget for you. At this point it’s our best initial guess of what you need and want including menu, pricing, and service details.

Then: We adjust … We expect that some “fine tuning” may be needed, and we strive to be totally flexible. We don’t stop tweaking your proposal until you’re fully satisfied.

After we’ve captured your dream event on paper, we’ll go to work turning it into a reality.

How do I lock in my event date?2020-12-21T17:28:50-06:00

Once your proposal has been finalized to your satisfaction, we’ll prepare a formal contract or ask for an event approval signature and collect a deposit.

How far out should we begin our planning?2020-12-21T17:28:50-06:00

For weddings or large, multi-day corporate events, we recommend you begin planning a year out, if not more. However, we’ve happily planned intimate parties with only a month’s notice. As always, our goal is to say “Yes, of course we can do that!” as often as possible!

Can I use my own caterer?2020-12-21T17:28:50-06:00

Spice of Life is the exclusive catering company for the Veranda, and we strive to fulfill every request for cuisine that meets your every specification. Spice of Life’s catering contract includes all food and alcohol, as well as tables, chairs, and linens, to help you create a seamless event.

Do you offer menu tastings?2020-12-21T17:28:50-06:00

It depends on the event. Normally for large events, weddings, or formal affairs, a menu tasting of some of your proposed selections may be available. After the tasting, final menu adjustments can be made.

Who will be on-site for my event?2020-12-21T17:28:50-06:00

Once the big day arrives, it’s our job to make sure everything goes perfectly, and your job to relax and enjoy your guests! The Veranda will have a venue manager on site to provide support and coordinate with you and/or your event planner.

Do you require an event planner?2023-09-18T11:31:21-05:00

In our experience, having outside event coordination ensures the smoothest, most successful events. We are happy to make a recommendation from our list of favorite planners!

Do you have a non-profit rate?2020-12-21T17:28:50-06:00

We love to work with non-profits, and would be delighted to work within your budget.

What’s your favorite thing about event planning?2020-12-21T17:28:50-06:00

All of us at the Veranda enjoy the challenge of unique events – there’s nothing cookie-cutter about the projects we work on. No matter what the client wants, we want to find a way to make it happen – we love to say yes.

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