Catering by Spice of Life

Spice of Life Catering is the exclusive catering company for The Veranda. Founded in 2004 by chef Mike Bomberg, a long-standing leader in San Antonio’s culinary community, Spice of Life offers one-of-a-kind menus tailored to each event’s unique specifications. Expect to see fresh ingredients, international flavors, delightfully unexpected twists, and stunning, cutting-edge presentation. His team of chefs and event planners thrive on new challenges and continual improvement. Spice of Life is known for accommodating a wide variety of cultural cuisines, as well as their extreme flexibility and desire to deliver perfect customer service and creative contemporary events.

Chef-owner Mike Bomberg has spent the past 30 years serving and supporting San Antonio’s rich, diverse culinary scene. After graduating from the renown Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, Bomberg combined his top-of-the-line training with his experiences as a world traveler. He chose to move to San Antonio in 1985, seeing it even then as a city on the rise with a vibrant food community. Prior to founding Spice of Life in 2004, Bomberg served as chef at a number of San Antonio’s finest establishments, including La Mansion, Polo’s at the Fairmount, and the exclusive Dominion Country Club. At Spice of Life, Bomberg directs a team of experienced culinarians in the production and presentation of a wide variety of cuisines at sites all over South Texas. He’s also active in a host of community causes, ranging from The San Antonio Food Bank to the March of Dimes and many more.

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